Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wine Country: Afternoon Post

It was 85 degrees out today in lovely Glen Ellen, California.  You know what that means?  It was way too hot for us.  We decided to take a break after our busy morning & spend some time at the ranch. 

Beautiful view of the road that leads to the ranch.  

There are a few horses scattered around the ranch.  They are very friendly and like to be pet.  If you stop petting they nudge forward for your hand. 

This morning we went to Ravenswood, a winery that Justin & I both really love a lot.  We went on a tour & then had a tasting.  Lets just say by noon I had major purple wine tongue.  They were pouring half glasses at the tasting!  With the heat & it only being 10 AM... I got buzzed pretty fast.

Now for pretty winery photos.  I'm going to take more on the way out to dinner tonight.  

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