Friday, October 10, 2008

Forks to Portland- Day 5

We arrived in Portland today, but I haven't done much photographing yet.  So, until I do... I decided to post a few more Forks photos.  The two above were taken at the Quillayute River Resort that we stayed at.  It was such a cute place with beautiful grounds.  

I met my friend Jake today who I have talked to online for YEARS... like 8 years.  It's a little strange to meet someone you've known for so long.  Him and his girlfriend Laura were sweet and pleasant people who showed us around Portland.  We went to a park, I spent far too much money on some fantastic photo books at a giant book store, grabbed some sushi for dinner and Jake was nice enough to make us some tea at the shop he works at.  It was so nice to have our own personal tour guides.  Tomorrow we are going to the gorge & my camera battery is charging as we speak.

I leave you with this final photo.  Actually this photo is mostly intended for Jacki.  Enjoy Jacki!

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