Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anacortes- Maggie's View

I must admit that when Justin first told me he wanted to go to Anacortes I was reluctant.  What the hell is in Anacortes Washington?  Apparently more than one would think.  As you can tell from the photo above, I quickly fell in love.  

It just so happens that Anacortes is an absolutely beautiful place with friendly & interesting people.  I took 400 photographs today in a mere few hour visit.  The record store Justin wanted to visit was pretty sweet.  We bought a bunch of things & even a few gifts for some friends.  There was a cute little girl walking around the store & she even shared one of her cheddar bunnies with me.  It's a place I could see myself wanting to come back to in the future.  I was even a little sad to leave it.  

I also realized how lucky I am to have such a willing and adventurous travel partner.  As a team we are open minded to new places & I'm glad he convinced me to visit Anacortes.  Thanks hubby.

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Bill said...

Did you not know that "Anacortes Has A Secret Love"?

There is a hamburger bun waiting for me in my pocket and it smells delicious.