Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Apartment!

We are moving!
Justin got a job at a newspaper in the city & will be working right on Michigan Avenue. As a result we are leaving Indiana & moving to Illinois. Saturday we're signing the lease on a cute vintage apartment building in Oak Park. It has a pretty courtyard, wood floors & arched doorways. I also love our bathroom tile, as shown above. I'm very excited to be moving to Oak Park. It's a hip little community with a an arts district, lots of history & yummy food. Not only will Justin be a short train ride to the city, but I'll be only 5 minutes driving time from the photographer I work for. This weekend we're painting. That is if we can decide on paint colors. Neither of us are used to this much freedom in deciding something like a paint color.
P.S. We're still west coasting it... in relationship to Lake Michigan... right?

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