Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anacortes - Day 2

We started the day off with delicious pastries at La Panier, which is only half a block from our hotel. After that we hit up the original Starbucks for coffee and then we were on our way to Anacortes.
After I spent too much money at The Business, a sweet record store in Anacortes, we went up to Mount Erie. The view was breathtaking. It was sort of a pilgrimage for me, for the 2 of you reading this that are familiar with the work of Phil Elverum, you would understand.

This is me chilling on a rock, after this we drove back into town and ate delicious foods at Adrift. I had curry salmon and maggie had fish tacos. It was a pretty neat little place that I would love to go back to sometime. It was extra neat because of the original Mount Eerie (the band) posters in the bathroom. Obviously a place that Phil, Karl Blau and the rest frequent.

After lunch we went to Washington Park and took the loop trail around it and Maggie took tons of pictures. I walked out on to a log that was hanging over the water, threw rocks at the ocean and wandered like a 5 year old. It was amazing and beautiful.

This was our last stop in Washington Park before we headed back to Seattle. In the background to the right is Mount Erie, the mountain we were on earlier in the day. There was this neat little tree with a bunch of stuff that people carved on it, so I took the opportunity to carve "J + M" in one of the branches.

Anacortes was really awesome and I would really love to go back there again at some point in my life. Maggie and I decided that when we retire, we're going to move there, and be two of the coolest old people ever.


Robyn said...

I am so envious! It all looks so beautiful. I am glad to see that you two are having a good time, and that you're sharing your adventure with your friends. But don't share too much!

Bill said...

Well, I was hoping for some Elverum candids, but this will have to do.

Seriously, kidnap a K B/C-lister, and then we can all jam. I think people would notice if Calvin goes missing.