Friday, October 17, 2008

Final Blog.... or is it?

Even though tonight is our last night here, Justin & I have decided to continue on with our blog- the theme to be revealed later.  So keep checking up on it!  I'm also going to post a link to the proofing website for ALL of the photos taken from our trip, so if you feel like looking through all 43 Gigs of photos, come back to get the link.  

We are so tired & ready to come home.  We spent our day doing lots of touristy San Francisco things.  Here are some of the photos from today!  See you all soon!

Ha ha!  I love this photo of Justin striking a pose in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

After exploring the bridge we took a night tour of Alcatraz.  It was really cool & would recommend that if you go to San Francisco, you should venture out and take this tour.  You take a boat to the island and then take an audio tour through the jail.  The audio tour is really good though & has stories told from actual inmates & officers.  The solitary confinement cells gave me super bad energy feelings.  As soon as I walked in them I had to leave.

View of San Francisco from the boat to Alcatraz.

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