Monday, October 6, 2008

Seattle- Day 1

Hey everyone, we started our journey in Seattle today! We'll be updating this blog as often as we can as a means to journal our trip. Neither of us have been to Seattle and we've both decided that we are far from the most hip people in this city. Every single building here has some crazy ass painting on it or a ridiculous sculpture in front of it. Everyone here has been very friendly.

We started the day off with our crazy direction robot taking us on a wild goose chase to find the Archie Mcphee store. It may have taken a while but oh, did it not dissapoint.

We found it ironic that they gave us our purchases in a Pizza King bag... an Indiana pizza place.

Our hotel is AMAZING. We got a complimentary upgrade to a room with a full water view. It's a two story suite with a view of Pike's Place Market. The market is literally across the street from us & the original Starbucks is less than a block away. We've been keeping track of how many Starbucks we've come across... so far we're on 12.

( Our hotel room )

( View from our room )

We ate dinner at a vegetarian cafe on the other side of town & feasted on tofu, mushrooms & yam fries. It was delish.

Tomorrow we're heading up north to Anacortes, Washington. It will be a full day of photographing.

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