Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Forks- Day 3

Okay today is my day to be a big dork.  We spent most of our day traveling to Forks, Washington- this is the town where the Twilight book series is set.  A few of you will understand my excitement when I say we drove through Port Angeles (saw the restaurant Bella & Edward ate at), went to a beach in La Push & went into Forks for dinner.  Forks is such a little dive town, but exactly how I pictured it.  There are Twilight references EVERYWHERE.  In fact, today I ordered the "Bella burger" at a drive in food stand & they threw a pair of vampire teeth in the bag.  I'm glad to have a hubby that lets me be a dork & take us into the middle of nowhere for our honeymoon.

I'm so glad I brought a tripod.  I've taken lots of pictures of us together along the way.  I didn't realize how mountainous this area is.  This was taken at the state park that is on the road between Port Angeles & Forks.... hello!, the road Edward drove Bella back on after she was attacked by vampires in an alley.  haha!

It's worth being in the middle of nowhere when you get to look at this.

I've been dreaming of photographing at Rialto Beach since we started planning our honeymoon.  This is the very first time I've seen the Pacific Ocean.  We stayed for two hours and watched the sunset.  It was beautiful & we'll probably go back again tomorrow.  It is only a mile or so west of the cute little inn we are staying at.  

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