Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is the coolest discovery of all time.  We were sitting in our dining room eating dinner, Justin looked to his right and said, "did you know you can see the Sears Tower from our kitchen window?".  I thought he was joking.  I got up, walked into the kitchen and behold, the Sears Tower in all it's glory.  The red light at the bottom of the photo is our coffee maker, the green/red light to the left is our microwave, the lit up building in the distance is the Sears Tower.  So cool! 


Justin & I are settled in Chicago for the most part.  Justin is enjoying his job & I've gained a lot more responsibilities with Robin that enable me to work from home.  It's nice to be so close to everything out here.  We hardly use any gas anymore.  

We've enjoyed being in complete control over the groceries.  When we were living with my parents there were 5 people in the house, sometimes more or less, depending.  Some days we'd come home and there would be a box of donuts on the counter.  We have really bad self control.  Now, there are never donuts on the counter.   

Today at Whole Foods I saw these Mission Figs sitting there & they were begging me to take them home, toss them in a pan & put goat cheese on them.  The end result was so pretty, I photographed it.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the cats have adjusted to the move.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Twins turn 1

Justin & I took a trip to the region on Sunday for Addy & Alex's first birthday party.  I haven't photographed them for a few months considering my busy schedule (wedding, honeymoon & moving) and in that short time Addy has started walking! 

Above they're opening our present, a keyboard, guitar & cute clothes (I especially liked the leopard print pants we got Addy).

Alex had the cutest shirt on.

Alex eating his smash cake.  I'll have to upload a few of Addy & hers later.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Place for The Pots

This post is mostly for my mom.

tons of kitchen gadgets + hardly any space = hanging your pots and pans.

Next in line, brand new kitchen knives and a magnetic wall strip.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oak Park- Day 1

We are slowly getting things together in the apartment but of course, that takes time.  I walked into the dining room (which has become storage for unopened boxes) and was struck by how beautiful the light looked coming in from the kitchen, so I took the photo above.  It's kind of fun that I can just take my shoes off and leave them in a doorway if I want.  Justin will tell anyone, the kitchen is by far my favorite room in the place.  I love our metal cabinets & can't wait to cover them in photographs.

I took this photo specifically for Julie so that she can see that we put her shower gift (envirosax bags)  to good use today.  I even folded them all back up and fit them back into the tiny bag they came in.  

My favorite purchase today was found at Costco.  Each of those giant bottles of spices was only $2.00!  

Last but not least is a photo of me in my winter wear.  I like the piles of crap behind me, that looks nice.  It snowed today a little.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wet Paint

It looks fantastic.  Saturday is moving day.  Anyone wanna help?  Before you decide, we live on the third floor.  That might influence your decision.