Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oak Park- Day 1

We are slowly getting things together in the apartment but of course, that takes time.  I walked into the dining room (which has become storage for unopened boxes) and was struck by how beautiful the light looked coming in from the kitchen, so I took the photo above.  It's kind of fun that I can just take my shoes off and leave them in a doorway if I want.  Justin will tell anyone, the kitchen is by far my favorite room in the place.  I love our metal cabinets & can't wait to cover them in photographs.

I took this photo specifically for Julie so that she can see that we put her shower gift (envirosax bags)  to good use today.  I even folded them all back up and fit them back into the tiny bag they came in.  

My favorite purchase today was found at Costco.  Each of those giant bottles of spices was only $2.00!  

Last but not least is a photo of me in my winter wear.  I like the piles of crap behind me, that looks nice.  It snowed today a little.

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