Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Justin & I are settled in Chicago for the most part.  Justin is enjoying his job & I've gained a lot more responsibilities with Robin that enable me to work from home.  It's nice to be so close to everything out here.  We hardly use any gas anymore.  

We've enjoyed being in complete control over the groceries.  When we were living with my parents there were 5 people in the house, sometimes more or less, depending.  Some days we'd come home and there would be a box of donuts on the counter.  We have really bad self control.  Now, there are never donuts on the counter.   

Today at Whole Foods I saw these Mission Figs sitting there & they were begging me to take them home, toss them in a pan & put goat cheese on them.  The end result was so pretty, I photographed it.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the cats have adjusted to the move.

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sarah said...

Love the fig shot!! yummmy. and that is awesome that you can see the sears tower. no high rises around me now!!