Friday, January 9, 2009


Please allow me to introduce you to our new kitty, Archie. He comes from a breeder who had an "oops" litter. He's a Maine Coon mixed with a Ragdoll, so Archie is going to be one big boy.  He's been adjusting very well to his new home & is very care free.  Harry seems to not really care about Archie's existence, but I think it's because he has discovered  Archie's delicious kitten food.  Mariah hates Archie, but she hates Harry too & she's lived with him for a very long time.  More pictures of Archie soon!    


Miss Isabelle said...

EEEEP!!! He's so cute! May you have many more months full of kitten cuteness until he grows into a big boy like Jasper, and I'm sure he'll be super cute then too! Yay for ORANGE!

Furious Buddha said...

Holy crap! He shoots cute rays out of his eyes!!!!